Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Running Smoothly

We have been in the new space for awhile now and Chris is beginning to fill in the corners. The inventory is better organize than ever and we are able to carry a bigger variety of merchandise in this huge space.
The amount of effort that went into moving from one end of the building to the other was just epic. It took months just for the inventory to get boxed up and moved, and all the while we were open in both locations!
At this point the store has a real great vintage flavor and is chock full of inventory that changes daily.
Front Door

Inside the Front Door
Architectural Salvage
Great Trim Work
Looking towards the Mezzanine
Stop in and Visit!


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Construction Picture Gallery 2

Our new front door, and the windows provide an enticing view inside the new space

Upstairs the windows were also put in adding essential light to the upstairs

In between the antiques and salvage department there is a really nice vintage door

A unique stair railing was constructed from livestock fencing and a 100+ year old beam

The stair railing treatment was echoed by using it around the mezzanine opening

Looking down to the lower level through the mezzanine

Chris found some gorgeous door hardware for our front entrance

3 coats of paint complete the walls as this project nears completion!

Construction Picture Gallery 1

The new floor has a 12 x 12 hole cut into it for a mezzanine so we can see through to the level below

A few of the local Amish folks did a lot of  the new construction work

The window framework gives a hint of what is to come

A funky barricade kept everyone from falling through the mezzanine hole
Doors become walls become doors

It was a very large undertaking inside a very large building

Work was done on top of the existing merch! 

Chris wanted windows between the antique area and the salvage area

Walls covered the framework as it all started to come together

Even the back side started to close in as the construction continued on

The holes for the windows are cut in

Bringing It All Together in 2016

We have been happy to fill this beautiful old warehouse space here that includes the Tower on 55 Willett in Fort Plain. A few years ago, Chris added the Salvage Dept and it has been a huge success.
The idea of reuse and recycling is taking hold in our current environmental and economic climate and our world is better for it. We have been fortunate to be able to offer a wide variety of interesting salvaged items for our customers and love finding unique things for the store.

Our growth has caused us some new and unexpected issues. The most significant problem has been the large distance between the antiques and the salvage areas. It's difficult for Chris to manage the store in this manner - I cannot understand why he can't be in 2 places at once!! *wink wink* - We just had to come up with a solution. I suggested a Hoverboard so that Chris could jet back and forth on the sidewalk …this wasn't favored. A Scooter idea was also rejected. Finally, during the wee hours of morning, while sipping on our coffee and tea, we came to the conclusion that a move was the answer. A MOVE!??? A teensy tiny move, 2 doors down! We decided to move the antiques down to the salvage area.

After consulting with Robert Hancock (our gracious benevolent Landlord) we hatched a floor plan and the idea became a reality.
So much work has gone down by so many people in the past year in order to put this new vision in place and we are finally ready to perform the actual task of moving! It's so exciting…

Saturday, April 12, 2014


On this occasion, we offer 
30% off sticker price in our Antique Store
for the month of April

Celebrating 14 years of manic clutter and crazy business!
This month we celebrate our 14th year as Fort Plain Antiques. It's been a long haul and so much has happened over these past years.
Our new adventure in the salvage department has been a real success. We were a bit nervous at first to start this department, but we quickly outgrew our Willett St. location as far as furniture is concerned. This new space allows us to offer a huge variety of merchandise. In this region we are lucky enough to have access to farm machinery, architectural & building salvage, Amish furniture, and a huge myriad of one of a kind eclectic pieces.
The antique store continues to offer collectibles -antiques- and our selection of odd and unusual items continues to grow.

We look forward to many more years of providing you with the biggest and best selection in the Mohawk Valley!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Flood in Fort Plain

Thankfully the recent flooding in Fort Plain did not impact our store. We were so fortunate it's incredible. Our thoughts are with our neighbors as they work to return things back to normal. As the clean up in town proceeds, we will be open for business during our usual summer hours.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

So Busy Who has Time to Blog?

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buldings in a single bound, stronger than a locomotive.... it's Fort Plain Antiques! Chugging on like a storming freight train thing have seriously picked up. Phew. since I quit the day job and went to work for  the biz back in October, it's just been an accelerating trip. I have had so much to learn and really what I think I need is a course in Time Management!
I don't know how Chris juggles all this stuff but I am on track and trying to get a rhythm going on. In the meanwhile, it's been hard to get on here and blog about all the exciting and crazy things going on. I put a lot of stuff on Facebook, so if you are online go check us out, like the Page and follow along to watch the growth down on Willett St.

The salvage is open...12 - 4 on Saturday.
The Store is open...12 - 6 Thurs and Friday • 12 - 5 Saturday

See you there!