Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3 years ago

One day 3 years ago I found myself freshly divorced and in the mood to concentrate on my own life and interests. I am a collage artist at heart, and I enjoy frequent treasure hunting trips to find ephemera and strange objects for my artwork. Naturally, this sort of preference leads me to garage sales, flea markets and occasional trips to local antique stores.
I was living in Fort Plain at the time and I noticed that there were a few different antique shops there that I had not visited. Fort Plain Antiques stood out among them all, with a large sign above the front door made of hand hewn letters. I wanted to get in there and see what kinds of goodies could be had. And so I strolled on in.
The proprietor was speaking with another customer, so I headed for the aisles and began to stare in wonder and amusement at the various displays. This store has a little bit of everything! Funky furniture, knick knacks, kitchen accessories, linens and doilies, jewelry, iron wheels, odd farm implements, lamps, little tiny dollies, the list goes on and on!

As I searched the shelves and looked to see what things would end up coming home with me, I could hear the owner in the background with another customer. His kind and compassionate voice really struck me, and I ended up deciding I wanted to talk with this man....
Chris and I hit it off really well and found we had similar interests and a common sense of style. We worked on an art project together as we got to know each other and soon enough we were spending every evening together eating dinner and discussing our past, present, and future.

Now we are living together in rural bliss in Canajoharie, NY. Chris runs the store and I am his part time right hand girl. I still work full time as a graphic artist/webmaster/computer tech...but our goal is to join forces and start running this whole production together sometime in the near future. Until then, I will be your personal reporter, relaying pictures and experiences as Chris and I build our future together.

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