Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our new chair

The chair and the vintage turtle freeloader that also came home to Mapletown!

This weekend we were out and about the neighborhood scouting out for goodies. It was Memorial Day weekend and really it's not the best time for garage and yard sales. Most of the people are on vacation, or having barbecues. Shopping really isn't in the radar, unless of course it is raining.
Which it wasn't this past weekend. It was beautiful. We still managed to come across some interesting stuff. We got this chair.
As soon as I saw it I loved the bizarre animal print. I am supposed to wear glasses, and of course I wasn't>so I didn't see that this animal print was simply tacked to the seat! It didn't matter much. I loved the leather seat and backing...the crazy quarter sewn oak sides....the simple little scroll on the railing...immediate luv luv luv for the chair! I exclaimed out loud about it and told Chris it was SO cool. He's sweet on me I think, and he indulged me. We got to keep it! Now it sits in our den by the woodstove.
There was also this vintage turtle. There he sat forlorn, just waiting for someone to take him home. He looks quite handsome against that animal print!! My sweetie let me keep him too.

Mr. turtle posed for a pic

It's a lot of fun scrounging with my guy for antiques. I don't go with him all the time. It's his business and I don't want to cloud him with me being there as a distraction. What a cool diversion to be able to go with him and see all kinds of interesting things. I have to be careful. He's a very generous man. If I show too much that I really like something, he most kindly gives it to me. And I know that if he gives it to me, it isn't on the shelf at the store making him any money to live on. Times are tight for everyone these days, and that includes us! It's nice to know he is such a sweetheart, though. I am working at keeping my needs to a minimum. It's better for the planet, and better for you. It means more stuff at the store, and less stuff at my house!!

Mr. Chris did not pose for this pic!

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