Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday at the Textile Show in Nelliston

Stuff from Fort Plain Antiques for sale at the show

Saturday was my first time alone without Chris at a show representing Fort Plain Antiques. I was a wreck in the morning...Where's the tags? I need a pen! Those boxes aren't going to fit in there! I would like something nicer to put these panic! Good grief I was still feeling as tho I was forgetting things even after I left the house!
I got there relatively early at 9:30. The show started at 11:00 and I figured I had plenty of time to set up.
Good thing I got there when I did! We misread the contract and so I didn't realize I would need tables! Luckily, Donna Reston, the super nice lady who was helping organize the event, had an extra table in her car. I am grateful to her for loaning it to me. Without it, I would have had to drive to the store (10 minutes away) and bring tables back. After I arrived, I inquired as to where our booth was located. It was upstairs! GASP! I hadn't considered having to tote the entire load of vintage goods up the narrow vintage stairway! Hello stairmaster. No yoga for me today.
It was quite humid and sunny and carrying these things up the stairs made me break out into a monstrous sweat. How embarrassing, and certainly not conducive to sales with me standing there with soaking wet sweaty hair! Nonetheless, I managed to get everything up there by myself and an hour later, the thankful the sweaty hair was gone. Once I stopped running up and down the stairs, I cooled right off and the rest of the day I kept comfortable.

The doll booth
My booth was located next to a dollmaker and her daughter.--I didn't get their names, sorry! (bad blogger!) The mother made beautiful primitive dolls and her daughter was hand sewing colonial style clothing. She had a fabulous corset there that she had made and I couldn't brag enough about it for her! It was a beautiful work of art to see something so utterly intricate sewn in so beautifully by hand. I totally loved the little sewn pigs they had! Unfortunately for me and my buying fetish, the wallet is closed for business at the moment. I am working very hard to make money, not to spend it!
Molly McKay was there in the booth across from me. She had a bunch of sweet vintage clothing, including a most fine black riding jacket I was coveting. (note: i was also coveting the size 2 body it would take to fit into it!) She told me about her and her husbands' new antique shop in Mohawk. I believe she said the name was Angelo's Antiques. I can't wait to go and check it out!

Molly setting up her booth, Dori in the background
The Mustard Seed, a great little shop located in the Stone Mill Antique Center in Little Falls, brought some sweet little cross stitch gingham aprons. They were in such great shape I couldn't believe they were vintage!
Dori, who is Chris' brother Johns' girlfriend, and thereby somehow like a sister-in-law to me, that is if both Chris and John married us, (HA! don't you just love modern day relative naming?) brought along an entire entourage of stuff. She's always loaded with linens and she just adores vintage textiles. So the upstairs was chockful of interesting things that of course I wanted to buy! I had to really try to behave to not spend anything at the other booths. I did manage to keep my promise to myself and I went home without spending a dime! Yay!
I am disappointed in the pictures that I took while I was there. I was hoping to get some shots that I could share here on the blog that would show the great stuff that was there. Unfortunately, I was a bit nervous since I was on my own. Next time, I promise better views of all the cool stuff!
Downstairs in the main rooms there were demonstrations of weaving, embroidery, spinning, and rug crocheting. I have to mention that there was a gentleman who was spinning, isn't that great?? Joy was there making her rugs that I covet so much...

It was really cool to see the textile arts still thriving. I enjoyed several conversations with woman that are heavily involved with fiber craft. It was all so inspiring that last night I started an embroidery project!!

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