Friday, June 5, 2009


A reflection in the front window of Fort Plain Antiques
I was in the store yesterday and caught Chris in the act of cleaning and rearranging. There are so many different things that are for sale. It's a challenge to find creative ways to display them. The variety of interesting objects can be staggering, so it's easy to get item overload. I was reflecting on the various pieces of furniture that have come and gone. Sometimes these furniture pieces make the ideal displays. On a dresser, for example, you can set up a brush and comb set, a lamp, or a pretty doily. But when the dresser is sold, those things have to find new homes, so the store requires constant upkeep. There are some larger displays of collections of things, such as the Blue Willow, that don't change as often. Chris leaves this table up for awhile, giving Blue Willow lovers a chance to add to their collections. When most pieces will have sold, another display can take it's place.

Some of the Blue Willow resting on lace

Everyone loves jewelry! I am so fond of wearing different rings,'s really one of my favorite things. I can't help but spend time looking thru the budget jewelry counter now and then to see what I can't live without. This is a jewelry recyclers dream! I have found precious pieces on this table and I simply can't resist fondling things almost every time I am in the store. The super fine jewelry Chris keeps under the front counter. I always have to peek in there, too. Irresistible!

The budget jewelry display. The better jewels are under the counter.

Even though Chris shows me a lot of things as he gets them, I am always finding something I haven't seen before when I get to the store because he keeps adding stuff! I marvel at what a lively business this really is.

A sense of humor is required when creating displays