Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Willett St!

Fort Plain Antiques has been running like mad all summer! It's garage sale season and Chris is out and about the countryside seeking out those odd and unusual items that you probably want in your house. Savvy buyers know that the early bird get the worm. It's work to get up early and be one of the first to arrive at these town-wide sales. Treasure hunting is one of Chris' favorite activities, it's his passion! Summer goes by quickly.
But this isn't the reason that we are starting to get super busy. It's been a fast summer, but the work has just begun! We are preparing to move to a much nicer and larger location!!!

This is the main space. It looks rough now, but wait till it's done! Sweet.
There is a beautiful vintage brick building on Willett Street in Fort Plain. It's very large, and when it's finished it will house several businesses, including us. On one end of the building is a super tall 4-story tower. This is the end that Fort Plain Antiques will be moving into!
A lot of work is getting done to ready the space for us. The wiring is already finished and next will be the painting. Amish folk have been working on the internal construction.

We have a wall that now separates us from the machine shop! Soon there will be flooring on the balcony, a nice spanking paint job, and a smooth concrete floor.

Before winter, we hope to be in our new location. There is so much work to do before then. Just the sorting and packing of the items in the present location is a daunting task, not to mention all the prep at the new place. Have no fear, Chris is hard at work facilitating this move. It's going to be a couple of VERY busy months, I fear! I am so excited!