Thursday, November 12, 2009

OPENING DAY on Willett Street-Today!

What an incredible journey it has been for Fort Plain Antiques!
The new store has taken an amazing amount of energy and fortitude. Chris and Robert have been working towards this common goal for months and finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Work was intermittent. Some days a lot of things got accomplished. Other days, it seemed as the world came to a standstill. The Hoardmaster General worked thru these fits and starts and one day in October it became clear that this move was going to happen at last.

C'mon in and let's take a look at the progress. Chris picked out this great door. I simply have luv for the doorknob!

The transformation unfolded slowly, and now the fruits of everyone's labor can be enjoyed.
Chris is trying to create a unique ambiance in his new store. The structure of this new building lends itself to an entirely new feeling. The Main Street store was like Grandmas closet with it's low ceilings. The shape of the store was a simple rectangle. Although Chris filled this store to the rafters with crazy collectibles, the store itself didn't really offer anything to the setting. The new store on Willett St. is directly the opposite. 30 pane windows with brick arches, seemingly ancient thick beams, a balcony, vintage tin ceilings, and a 4 story tower are just a few of the details that capture your attention. These features provide a super backdrop for the myriad goodies that Chris has for sale. I loved the way the empty store accented the architecture. I ended up taking a whole bunch of stark photos in black and white to be used in my artwork later on.

This is the groovy back door with it's cute archway. Robert made sure this blended into the building nicely don't you think?

Late in the day, looking towards the front entrance.

You can see how big the 30 pane windows are in this shot. It took Chris mega hours to completely restore these for usage. Up close, they retain that old wavy glass look.

The front door, from the inside.
It won't look this pristine and empty again.

Black and white pic of the textile room that is the 2nd floor of the tower. I get to decorate and fill this room! I am so excited!

The calm before the storm. Chris surveys the new shop in the late afternoon sun. The store won't look this empty ever again.

The majority of the move happened last week. Robert supplied some happy Amish help! Chris said they were jolly guys and they really helped break the tension on such a busy day. Hard work it was, and it took till the wee hours of the night to finish moving.

The huge wad o' stuff in the middle of the floor. After the first moving day, it became clear just how good the Hoardmaster General is at being a packrat!

The massive pile seemed so daunting at first. Chris came home from work that night with such a long face. I thought he would be excited about the move and his new adventure. But the huge task of making this new store his new home was still ahead of him. He dove in immediately and began arranging his counter area. He created a basic aisle structure and started making sense of the pile. This process will continue for weeks and months. I am happy to be a part of this unfolding. It's going to be a long and satisfying journey.

The pile that faces us! These precious things will all find new homes on new shelves in the new store!