Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holidazed At Fort Plain Antiques

The little Christmas tree in the front window
The season came upon us so quickly. The move from Main St. to Willett St. got finalized just a week or so ago as the final pile 'o stuff made it to the new location. Chris has been focusing his attention on making this new space everything he dreams of.
The move was daunting to say the least, but there was no time to whine about it. The holiday season is here already and Santa's elves have a new headquarters! Altho Chris is working like mad to try to break out new merchandise and also to unpack some of the nicer things from the old store, he still has to find time to make the holidays come alive in the store. This looked like a job for the me, the Network Minion! I visited last Saturday, before the stormy snow hit, and help put up decorations. We put up a tree downstairs next to the horse in the window. After that, I dragged poor Chris out into the now raging wind and snow, and he got up on the ladder and put up lights outside in the front doorway. It looks great, and now this end of the street has come to life!

The snow came down as we put the lights up outside, but now it's Christmas time at Fort Plain Antiques
This has been a great opportunity for Chris to roll over some inventory and get some different things into the store. It's the perfect place to shop for that special something you haven't been able to find yet. I love to help him put merch on the shelves. I find so many odd and unusual little things and I covet them all! Bad little Network Minion!