Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amish-built Sheds

Amish construction in motion

The Amish are busy folk and even on hot summer days one can hear the pounding of hammers in the Mohawk Valley as these industrious men fashion these versatile buildings here at 55 Willett St in Fort Plain.

The gazebo caught my eye right away! The free form railing is especially sweet.

Known for their craftsmanship with wood, the Amish have been working to make a series of sheds that can be transported via truck to your yard or camp. These sheds are built with lumber that at one time stood in forests here in the Mohawk Valley. These are really attractive little buildings and in these days of excess, a bit of minimalism seems appropriate!

This particular cabin has a front porch with another fantastic railing

I think these sheds are really super nice, and the extra attention that has been paid to the details makes the difference between an Amish-built shed and a prefab from Lowes.

The view from inside this cabin during construction
These buildings can be delivered to your location at a minimal cost. Email Chris if you are seeking more information on these sheds. He'll be happy help you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Cooperstown Show

What a scorcher! Could we have found a hotter day to have an antique show? This year, it occurred during the East Coast Heat Wave. We didn't have time to complain or whine, the show must go on. Dealers gathered early in the morning to set up their wares for display. Even at 6:30, one could feel the strength of the sun. I wondered how this would affect buyers. It would get pretty hot for people to stand in the sun and look at jewelry or vintage paper.
The morning was cool enough, however, and quickly we set up our booth, before the wicked sun started to bake the field.

Chris hung a flag over the Gypsy Wagon, which had it's debut this weekend, while early buyers checked out the field.

The blinding sun was hot but Chris kept his game on all day.

Stephanie Lloyd bought this great Adirondack chair with an impressive blue finish.

I didn't help much, I must admit. I was overheated and for most of the day and I had Yoda dog with me, so mostly I hid under the tent. This was my view....
When it came time to tear down, I stepped it up and ended up being able to help Chris pack what was left of our goodies back into the Gypsy Wagon. We headed for home hot, dusty, and exhausted.
The show seemed slow, and I felt there were perhaps less vendors. It's really an unfounded judgment to make, since I could barely make it around the field to see everyone I was so hot. We did okay sale-wise. I think the profit was comparable with last year. It's a great show. In spite of the heavy heat, I like going there.
Our neighbors to the left were folks from Village Antiques in Baldwinsville, NY. Charlie was such a personable guy, and I enjoyed listening him talk with customers about antiques and life. I was happy to have such cool neighbors.

Fine baskets from Village Antiques bask in the sun, while Chris arranges and rearranges our stuff under the EZ-Up.

I really admired this display chock full of jewelry that Kathi had.
I was SO hot, and I had the dog, which kind of kept me tethered rather than the reverse! I managed to check out a really cool booth setup by Pamela Daly. She had such a nice cottage style going on...

This hutch display of hers was really sweet.

And I liked this one too! The furniture as a prop really makes the product stand out.

She had some Czech jewelry that I adored.
Of course, at every show there is some jewelry that I have to have. This year, I kept the wallet close to me and didn't open it. I was proud to come home with exactly as much money as I left with. After all, for me, the goal was to sell, not to buy!

Village Antiques
Rte. 34 in Weedsport - a mile south of NY Thruway exit 40
Tues - Sat 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday by chance or appointment
Charlie Landon - 315-263-7261
Kathi Kimmins - 315-559-5556
8917 N. Seneca St., Weedsport, NY 13166

Pamela Daly
Romantic Cottage Decor
Rusty Rose Petals on etsy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Gypsy Wagon - Part 2 The Naughty Minion

The Hoardmaster General has proven to be a great Wagon Builder. The gypsy wagon now has really taken shape. Chris painted everything green except the wheels, which remain a nice powder blue. The trailer has sides now, so our stuff won't go careening off into the ditch on these great upstate NY roads. He set up groovy lights and even gave it a spare tire!

We have been joking back and forth about the name of this item....trailer vs. gypsy wagon. I wanted to add some kind of decoration to it, so really we could call it a gypsy wagon. So I grabbed some stencils I had from another project, and tagged the wheel wells with a nice powder blue swirly.
Naughty Network Minion!
Chris didn't complain, but honestly the stencil sucked. I am sad and sorry that I messed with his nice job. I either need to go back and fix this stencil and fix it so it is an asset, or I need to cover it up with more green paint, which of course I think we are out of! I need to learn to leave well enough alone.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Gypsy Wagon - Part 1

The General Hoardmaster is a man of generous talent, although his humbleness equals that talent and you will never get him to admit it. Every day I observe his ability to reshape and mold things, transforming them into objects of beauty or practicality. The latest of his achievements includes this beauty of a trailer that he has been constructing for the past 2 weeks or so.

Before the transformation

This is what it looked like the first time I became aware that he was going to transform this into the trailer. I love the aged blue look of it, but he informed me that I shouldn't get used to it, since it's going to get painted. The metal has to be protected or the whole unit will implode with rust.

Logistics check in the late afternoon haze

It looks so funny as a simple framework, so fragile, so open. I can't believe this will hold our precious wares as we travel over the lumps and bumps of upstate New York roads. I can't wait to see the magic that Chris spins as he puts this together.

The rusty blue hitch cover

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cooperstown on July 4

Ever since I've known Chris, he has been doing the Cooperstown Antique Show in Wood Bull Field on the weekend of the Fourth of July. The show falls right on July 4 this year, and I look forward to stocking up a nice booth and seeing YOU! The Hoardmaster General is working on creating a trailer that we can use to haul our wares. He calls it a trailer. I call it the gypsy wagon! Hopefully, it will be done in time for July 4, and we can test it out.
The Cooperstown Show is organized by Wood Bull Antiques in Milford, NY. This year there is new management, with Steven and Hillary Eklund and Graham Briggs joining Tom and Donna. I can't wait to see what new things they have in store for us this year. They are great people, and really easy to deal with. They provide food vendors for the show and try to make sure that there is plenty to see.

Since Cooperstown is the Baseball capital of the world, we try to save up interesting sports memorabilia for this show. It's hard to come by, but we will have some goodies to show and sell. I know Chris likes to bring a nice assortment of items to the shows. We are building boxes already!

Here's the skinny:
At the Cooperstown Antiques Show, 75 to 100 dealers will sell their wares on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Early birds will be welcome from 6:30 to 9 a.m. It will be at Wood Bull Antiques at 3920 State Highway 28 in Milford. For information, call 286-9021.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting Serious

No time for a pretty picture story today! The summer is upon us and the frenzy is in full swing. Summertime is crazy for us. Chris has his hands full with a heavy load of tasks. There's all the things a person usually has to do at home during the warm months, such as mowing the lawn, weed-wacking, firewood gathering, and various home repair projects that have to all fit in there somewhere. As if that isn't enough, summertime is also the boomtime of garage sales, yard sales, porch sales, flea markets, shows, and town-side sales! These sales rotate from town to town and are a continual treasure hunt. It all requires time and fortitude. It gets serious.
The economy has us all shaking our heads in dismay while we scramble to pay off all debts as fast as possible. We are no exception, as we plunge into more markets, attempt to disperse our goods further from the home base, expand our internet presence, and spend hard earned dollars on advertising. There's so much that has to be done, it's sometimes overwhelming. It's getting serious.
But in the middle of all this bustling activity, the most amazing thing has happened. The partnership of Chris and Julie is going to another level. Chris proposed to me on June 6...and I accepted! The crazy general hoardmaster and the network minion will soon team up together as one and live happily ever after. This has caused me to step back and consider the role that I have already taken on as his cheerleader and helper. I have not been too much of a player up-to-date. It's time for me to pump it up and become more than just a side kick. I want to help Chris as much as possible so that the store can thrive and realize it's full potential! It's a lot of work for him alone, and I hate to see him so drained with the responsibility of it all. I need to take really good care of him, after all, he's going to be my sweet husband soon. I want him around for awhile. It's getting really serious!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Chris

Happy birthday said the cat.

Happy birthday said the rabbit.

Happy birthday said another rabbit.

Happy birthday Chris, from all your friends at Fort Plain Antiques!!!

Spring at the shop

It's been awhile since we posted here at the blog. The network minion apologizes for the delay. Our silence should not be interpreted as a lack of activity!
We are lucky to have a local Amish community here. They reside in and around Fort Plain and we welcome their rural style of life. Out on the side of Fort Plain Antiques we have the opportunity to sell some Amish sheds. They are carefully constructed by our Amish neighbors. There are more outbuildings set up now and I believe they are larger and more elaborate.

I love this rural gazebo...the ceiling is outstanding.

These 2 sheds are also up for sale....altho the snow now is gone!

Chris had a chance to put the big letters up on the side of the building. He had seen older letters in a Luxuray ad from years ago. He repurposed the letters that were on the old shop prior to the move by painting them white. He made new letters that matched for "Vintage Wood" for Robert and his wood business. The letters look outstanding and there is no problem seeing this all from the thruway. Hopefully this can promote some new business.

The large Antiques letters from the front

The Vintage Wood letters from the side

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Story of Jon Cring

On a given day, you never know what's going to happen.
Chris got a call last week from a man named Jon Cring. He is an independent movie producer from Tennessee, recently located to Albany, who is working on a short film. Apparently, he was shooting a scene in a local strip hotel and he needed some props for the shoot.
He met Chris at Fort Plain Antiques early Saturday morning, before the filming, to borrow some weird stuff. I say he came to the right place!

Director Jon Cring, searching high and low in the store for funky stuff
(He didn't have to go very far!)

I looked him up on the net in doing research for this blog post, and found this article about his ongoing project on The Gainesville Sun site...
"In the days of multi-million dollar movie budgets, the members of the Extra/Ordinary Film Project challenged themselves and stretched the boundaries of typical film production — completing 12 feature-length films in 20 months while maintaining a shoestring budget for each one."
I am assuming that this flick he is filming is one of the 12 films.
So Jon and his wife Tracy came thru the store like a storm. We figured he had a certain "look" he was trying to achieve, and in a whirlwind they grabbed a group of crazy items and left to go shoot at Palatine Motel. We didn't know what to think!

Jon and Tracy Cring, posing with their loot

The whole escapade got me curious to find out exactly what would be done with such a strange array of props. I headed over to Palatine to see what was going on.
At the motel, I knew it was going to be kind of insane. Inside of one of the motel rooms, the mayhem ensued. Outside the room, locals dressed in outrageous costumes and mulled about waiting to be called for the shoot.

Jon Crings' minions, scurrying to create the "set"

Local extra hopefuls dressed in costume and stormed the door

I was quite amused at what they ended up doing with the props. I didn't stick around to see what the filming was about, cuz there was a lot of confusion. Besides, I am sure that Jon needed to gather his wits about him in order to direct this crazy scene.

A wall of wallpaper, crooked paintings, and a teletubby!

The next day, Jon called us and we met him at Fort Plain Antiques so he could return the props. All went well, according to him.
We were glad to loan our unusual wares to these folks. It's not every day that we get to help promote culture in the Mohawk Valley. I can't wait to see the flick. I am sure it is absurdity at it's best!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Putting it all together

It' s already been such a busy year. Moving into the new store has taken all available energy and fortitude. The massive amount of merchandise that needed to be unpacked has dwindled and Chris is finally sleeping at night again. It was a serious job moving all these treasures across town and then setting them up in that special way that he has.
Considering that the shelving and displays have to be set up before the boxes can get unpacked, and then the boxes's quite the task.

Mr. Rooster keeps watch

Coal stove in the corner glowing with warmth
There's a nice glow in this new place, especially downstairs near the beefy coal stove. I love that thing and the heat it gives off. Chris and I were worried about the ability to heat this new massive space, but this stove does do the job. The temps this winter have been pretty moderate, tho and we are thankful. Every warm day is another dollar in heating saved!

On the way upstairs looking into the linen room
Chris put some panels in the ceiling of the linen room to help keep the heat in the lower part of the tower. Since there are 4 stories, there's a lot of room for the heat to just suck up and blow away. This lowered ceiling seems to really help, because now it's warm and toasty upstairs, perfect for pausing and fingering thru piles of luscious lacey linens.

Looking thru to the back of the shop
Keeping busy is the name of the game, and there's no lack of things to do. Chris is busy trying to finish setting up the new place, knowing full well that spring is right around the corner. That's when he will get super busy and these other indoor tasks have to take a back seat.

This weekend Fort Plain Antiques travels to Shenendehowa High School for the So. Saratoga County Woman's Club 34th Annual Antique Show & Sale. He has done this show ever since I met him and I have tagged along. It's a great show, with so much to look at. More info about this show can be found here. See ya on Sunday!

So. Saratoga Cnty Woman's Club 34th Annual Antique Show & Sale Sunday
Feb 7 10:00a to 4:00p at Shenendehowa High School East, Clifton Park, NY

The Southern Saratoga County Womans Club's 34th Annual Antique Show & Sale, Sun. Feb 7, 10am-4pm, Shenendehowa HS East on Rte 146, Clifton Park, 2 mi. west of Northway Exit 9. Admission $3, children under 12 free. Appraisal of small items for $3 each from 12-3. Refreshments available. Funds raised used for Hunger projects and scholarships.