Thursday, February 4, 2010

Putting it all together

It' s already been such a busy year. Moving into the new store has taken all available energy and fortitude. The massive amount of merchandise that needed to be unpacked has dwindled and Chris is finally sleeping at night again. It was a serious job moving all these treasures across town and then setting them up in that special way that he has.
Considering that the shelving and displays have to be set up before the boxes can get unpacked, and then the boxes's quite the task.

Mr. Rooster keeps watch

Coal stove in the corner glowing with warmth
There's a nice glow in this new place, especially downstairs near the beefy coal stove. I love that thing and the heat it gives off. Chris and I were worried about the ability to heat this new massive space, but this stove does do the job. The temps this winter have been pretty moderate, tho and we are thankful. Every warm day is another dollar in heating saved!

On the way upstairs looking into the linen room
Chris put some panels in the ceiling of the linen room to help keep the heat in the lower part of the tower. Since there are 4 stories, there's a lot of room for the heat to just suck up and blow away. This lowered ceiling seems to really help, because now it's warm and toasty upstairs, perfect for pausing and fingering thru piles of luscious lacey linens.

Looking thru to the back of the shop
Keeping busy is the name of the game, and there's no lack of things to do. Chris is busy trying to finish setting up the new place, knowing full well that spring is right around the corner. That's when he will get super busy and these other indoor tasks have to take a back seat.

This weekend Fort Plain Antiques travels to Shenendehowa High School for the So. Saratoga County Woman's Club 34th Annual Antique Show & Sale. He has done this show ever since I met him and I have tagged along. It's a great show, with so much to look at. More info about this show can be found here. See ya on Sunday!

So. Saratoga Cnty Woman's Club 34th Annual Antique Show & Sale Sunday
Feb 7 10:00a to 4:00p at Shenendehowa High School East, Clifton Park, NY

The Southern Saratoga County Womans Club's 34th Annual Antique Show & Sale, Sun. Feb 7, 10am-4pm, Shenendehowa HS East on Rte 146, Clifton Park, 2 mi. west of Northway Exit 9. Admission $3, children under 12 free. Appraisal of small items for $3 each from 12-3. Refreshments available. Funds raised used for Hunger projects and scholarships.

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