Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Chris

Happy birthday said the cat.

Happy birthday said the rabbit.

Happy birthday said another rabbit.

Happy birthday Chris, from all your friends at Fort Plain Antiques!!!

Spring at the shop

It's been awhile since we posted here at the blog. The network minion apologizes for the delay. Our silence should not be interpreted as a lack of activity!
We are lucky to have a local Amish community here. They reside in and around Fort Plain and we welcome their rural style of life. Out on the side of Fort Plain Antiques we have the opportunity to sell some Amish sheds. They are carefully constructed by our Amish neighbors. There are more outbuildings set up now and I believe they are larger and more elaborate.

I love this rural gazebo...the ceiling is outstanding.

These 2 sheds are also up for sale....altho the snow now is gone!

Chris had a chance to put the big letters up on the side of the building. He had seen older letters in a Luxuray ad from years ago. He repurposed the letters that were on the old shop prior to the move by painting them white. He made new letters that matched for "Vintage Wood" for Robert and his wood business. The letters look outstanding and there is no problem seeing this all from the thruway. Hopefully this can promote some new business.

The large Antiques letters from the front

The Vintage Wood letters from the side