Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting Serious

No time for a pretty picture story today! The summer is upon us and the frenzy is in full swing. Summertime is crazy for us. Chris has his hands full with a heavy load of tasks. There's all the things a person usually has to do at home during the warm months, such as mowing the lawn, weed-wacking, firewood gathering, and various home repair projects that have to all fit in there somewhere. As if that isn't enough, summertime is also the boomtime of garage sales, yard sales, porch sales, flea markets, shows, and town-side sales! These sales rotate from town to town and are a continual treasure hunt. It all requires time and fortitude. It gets serious.
The economy has us all shaking our heads in dismay while we scramble to pay off all debts as fast as possible. We are no exception, as we plunge into more markets, attempt to disperse our goods further from the home base, expand our internet presence, and spend hard earned dollars on advertising. There's so much that has to be done, it's sometimes overwhelming. It's getting serious.
But in the middle of all this bustling activity, the most amazing thing has happened. The partnership of Chris and Julie is going to another level. Chris proposed to me on June 6...and I accepted! The crazy general hoardmaster and the network minion will soon team up together as one and live happily ever after. This has caused me to step back and consider the role that I have already taken on as his cheerleader and helper. I have not been too much of a player up-to-date. It's time for me to pump it up and become more than just a side kick. I want to help Chris as much as possible so that the store can thrive and realize it's full potential! It's a lot of work for him alone, and I hate to see him so drained with the responsibility of it all. I need to take really good care of him, after all, he's going to be my sweet husband soon. I want him around for awhile. It's getting really serious!

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