Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amish-built Sheds

Amish construction in motion

The Amish are busy folk and even on hot summer days one can hear the pounding of hammers in the Mohawk Valley as these industrious men fashion these versatile buildings here at 55 Willett St in Fort Plain.

The gazebo caught my eye right away! The free form railing is especially sweet.

Known for their craftsmanship with wood, the Amish have been working to make a series of sheds that can be transported via truck to your yard or camp. These sheds are built with lumber that at one time stood in forests here in the Mohawk Valley. These are really attractive little buildings and in these days of excess, a bit of minimalism seems appropriate!

This particular cabin has a front porch with another fantastic railing

I think these sheds are really super nice, and the extra attention that has been paid to the details makes the difference between an Amish-built shed and a prefab from Lowes.

The view from inside this cabin during construction
These buildings can be delivered to your location at a minimal cost. Email Chris if you are seeking more information on these sheds. He'll be happy help you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Cooperstown Show

What a scorcher! Could we have found a hotter day to have an antique show? This year, it occurred during the East Coast Heat Wave. We didn't have time to complain or whine, the show must go on. Dealers gathered early in the morning to set up their wares for display. Even at 6:30, one could feel the strength of the sun. I wondered how this would affect buyers. It would get pretty hot for people to stand in the sun and look at jewelry or vintage paper.
The morning was cool enough, however, and quickly we set up our booth, before the wicked sun started to bake the field.

Chris hung a flag over the Gypsy Wagon, which had it's debut this weekend, while early buyers checked out the field.

The blinding sun was hot but Chris kept his game on all day.

Stephanie Lloyd bought this great Adirondack chair with an impressive blue finish.

I didn't help much, I must admit. I was overheated and for most of the day and I had Yoda dog with me, so mostly I hid under the tent. This was my view....
When it came time to tear down, I stepped it up and ended up being able to help Chris pack what was left of our goodies back into the Gypsy Wagon. We headed for home hot, dusty, and exhausted.
The show seemed slow, and I felt there were perhaps less vendors. It's really an unfounded judgment to make, since I could barely make it around the field to see everyone I was so hot. We did okay sale-wise. I think the profit was comparable with last year. It's a great show. In spite of the heavy heat, I like going there.
Our neighbors to the left were folks from Village Antiques in Baldwinsville, NY. Charlie was such a personable guy, and I enjoyed listening him talk with customers about antiques and life. I was happy to have such cool neighbors.

Fine baskets from Village Antiques bask in the sun, while Chris arranges and rearranges our stuff under the EZ-Up.

I really admired this display chock full of jewelry that Kathi had.
I was SO hot, and I had the dog, which kind of kept me tethered rather than the reverse! I managed to check out a really cool booth setup by Pamela Daly. She had such a nice cottage style going on...

This hutch display of hers was really sweet.

And I liked this one too! The furniture as a prop really makes the product stand out.

She had some Czech jewelry that I adored.
Of course, at every show there is some jewelry that I have to have. This year, I kept the wallet close to me and didn't open it. I was proud to come home with exactly as much money as I left with. After all, for me, the goal was to sell, not to buy!

Village Antiques
Rte. 34 in Weedsport - a mile south of NY Thruway exit 40
Tues - Sat 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday by chance or appointment
Charlie Landon - 315-263-7261
Kathi Kimmins - 315-559-5556
8917 N. Seneca St., Weedsport, NY 13166

Pamela Daly
Romantic Cottage Decor
Rusty Rose Petals on etsy