Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amish-built Sheds

Amish construction in motion

The Amish are busy folk and even on hot summer days one can hear the pounding of hammers in the Mohawk Valley as these industrious men fashion these versatile buildings here at 55 Willett St in Fort Plain.

The gazebo caught my eye right away! The free form railing is especially sweet.

Known for their craftsmanship with wood, the Amish have been working to make a series of sheds that can be transported via truck to your yard or camp. These sheds are built with lumber that at one time stood in forests here in the Mohawk Valley. These are really attractive little buildings and in these days of excess, a bit of minimalism seems appropriate!

This particular cabin has a front porch with another fantastic railing

I think these sheds are really super nice, and the extra attention that has been paid to the details makes the difference between an Amish-built shed and a prefab from Lowes.

The view from inside this cabin during construction
These buildings can be delivered to your location at a minimal cost. Email Chris if you are seeking more information on these sheds. He'll be happy help you!

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  1. Would like to know the price, financing,and floor plans with deminsions.