Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays From Fort Plain Antiques

the new shed outside the back door
Fort Plain Antiques has a new addition! There is a shed outside the back door! This shed is a great addition to FPA and we hope to house larger and more cumbersome objects in there. It's another project for Chris, and along with the busy holiday, he finds himself humping things out the back door and displaying them in this new area.

the view from behind the counter where Chris sits

The lights are on here at Fort Plain Antiques this week as we keep the store open for those that have yet find something interesting and unique for their family or friends in this holiday season.
For your convenience, we are open every day this week, including Christmas Eve, from 12 noon through six, and we still have a great coupon offer you can take advantage of!

Stop on in and have a totally different shopping experience as you browse through aisles of treasures that invoke a memory or two! Chris and I sincerely wish you and yours a happy holiday!
the wagon wheel wreath above the front door

Friday, November 18, 2011

Special Holiday Coupon Deal!!

50% off sticker price of one item under $50!!
Print this out and bring in on your next visit.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Elfen work for the Minion Wife

There's so much to do at the store with the holiday season approaching. I've tried to get a head start by working on some Christmas displays in the 2nd floor of the tower.
pastel tree decked out in pink and purple

It's been fun picking through the boxes of ornaments and vintage holiday goodies. To celebrate the season, we are offering a 30% off Holiday Sale until December 31. 2011. Come on down to the store and find a treasure for that special someone on your list!
wooden boxes...wooden barrels....baskets....above the front door
glass glowing in the front window by the stairs
birch logs frame the Christmas display
Santa hangs out in the red and white kitchen collection
delicate embroidery on vintage linens
There's still much to do and the Elfen Minion Wife is working hard with Hoardmaster Santa to keep putting fresh merch out....just in time for your holiday pleasure!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Horse

We had just arrived at the store early on Sunday morning so we could try to get some cleaning done. It's best to do this type of chore when no one is shopping. I have been working upstairs in what we fondly call "the linen room".
The linen room, before the overhaul
This room is the second floor of the tower and we have chosen this room as the resting place for the myriad of linens and textiles that Chris has for sale. This room has been getting attention every week now for about a month and I have been spending my extra time after work and on weekends to help. Chris was working on a monstrous shelf unit that he is installing on the second floor to hold our vast selection of records and magazines.
It was quiet and peaceful, like it should be on a Sunday morn.
Suddenly there was a sharp crazy knocking at the back door! I put down the dust rag and ran down to open  the door. There outside the door I could see an insane skeletal ghost of a horse! I didn't have a minute to gather my wits! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Again at the back door.
"Chris! Something really creepy is out back! It's like a skeleton or something!"
He came running down from upstairs...looking at me in disbelief. I am a jokester he probably figured I was goofing around. But sure enough there it was, plain as day, a skeleton!
KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK... As much as I was afraid of what would happen, I realized that this persistent soul was coming in, whether we liked it or not! Chris flung open the door and this creature galloped right on in! Happy Halloween!!!!
happy halloween horse

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The End of an Era

It's the end of an era at Fort Plain Antiques. Chris, the handsome bachelor antique dealer, married this network minion of blogging fame.

Mr. and Mrs. Takacs

Under sunny skies,  in August, Mr. & Mrs. Takacs lovingly took their vows in front of family and friends.

The vintage place settings for the wedding were supplied by none other than Fort Plain Antiques!

The magical moment lasted so briefly, after a few months of anxiety-ridden planning and saving. A short honeymoon trip to Maine followed, with treasured quiet moments at the sea.

Lighthouse - East Boothbay Harbor Maine

It felt so good, this joining of our lives! Now the dream fog has lifted, and we are settling down to this new path that we have chosen together. 
Chris has been busy getting back into the swing of things at the store. It has been a long summer of bargain hunting amidst all the wedding prep, and there is a nice stockpile of vintage merch ripe and ready for autumn harvest. It's such a frenzy in the summer, with plentiful village-wide sales and opportunities around every corner. The aisles in the shop are lined with boxes full of items that have too long hidden from the public's view. With all the extra activity this past season, things have piled up and together we are devising plans on how to empty these boxes and fill those shelves. To top it all off, Fall has arrived and cooler days mean we all are getting ready for the winter season ahead. The list of tasks that must be done grows longer as the days grow shorter!
aisles chock full and packed with stuff!
I have always wanted to help Chris with the store, but I already have a full-time job and teach part-time on top of it. We are working to change that, and I will be adding Fort Plain Antiques to my list of steady employers. There's a lot of work there for one man and there's never a day off for Chris. When I think about my new role as his wife, I think of the ways that I can help with the store, like dusting and cleaning, watching the store so we can expand the hours, helping with displays and holiday items, organizing...the list goes on and on. With some additional help, Chris will have more time to find unique stuff! And I hope to fill in some of the gaps, so he can sleep better at night and not worry about the store and this heavy load as much.
Things are bound to change at Fort Plain Antiques. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hats Off to You!
I am so happy to report that there was a huge influx of ladies hats this month. I have been coming into the store and working with Chris on Sundays and this latest hat selection really caught my eye. Last Sunday, we priced up over 20 hats and put them upstairs in the linen room. These were well taken care of by a a sweet little hat lover....some of them were even stored in vintage hat boxes. With this special care, the fragile netting and fine detailing has survived really well over the years, making these hats worth wearing.

4 hats waiting for your head

With Saratoga so close by, I think it's great that Chris can offer this selection. Maybe you can use one of these hats as a starting point for a one-of-a-kind hat for the races!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Sixth Anniversary to you Fort Plain Antiques

The old store on Main St. 
Today marks the 6th anniversary of the humble business of Fort Plain Antiques.

Chris began collecting and selling odd items a few years before he opened up the shop, while he was still working in Cooperstown. He used to work as a boat mechanic and had reached the top position as manager, but found this job lacking. With some help from his brother John, who was already in the business, he learned the ropes and his own passion for collecting unique items grew stronger. Eventually, he was able to leave his previous employment and strike out on his own. Using group shops and the consignment method, he built up a network of people and slowly the business took flight.
The General Hoardmaster at the Helm in the Main St. Store 

After a brief stint of sharing a store with John and his girl Dori, Chris started his own store and Fort Plain Antiques was born. Located right on the main drag, at the light, it was a fabulous location for the starter fledgling business. People driving by could see what was in the store window, which Chris kept lit at night. John was down the street in his store, and then Tay above, and Lori had another store down the street. The area attracted buyers and sellers and soon Rick started periodic auctions. The stores came and went and eventually Fort Plain Antiques was the last remaining antique shop on the street. 
There was a lot of work to do before Chris could move in.

After a few years in this location, Chris outgrew the space. He's the Hoardmaster General, remember, and he thinks and lives big. Robert invited Chris to take over some space in the Luxuray building. It took a lot of thought to decide what to do. It was risky moving a young business from such a prominent location to a side street.

Soon, the building was transformed into the store we know and love
 But the ambience of the new place and the room for expansion eventually won Chris over and the decision was made. 
Fort Plain Antiques' current location on Willett St.
Although it was a daunting task, he moved the entire entourage of odd and unusual items to the other side of town. 
Overhead view of the new store in it's infancy

So here we are celebrating the 6th year of hard work and dedication that my man Chris went through to get to this point! Congratulations to Fort Plain Antiques for a job well done! May the business continue to grow and become everything you want it to be!
6 years and counting!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two new cupboards

 It's a cycle that never ends! The winter months keep us all indoors for most of the day and it's been a cold one at the shop this year. The building got some updated electric service and this meant the heat had to go out for a few critical days, when the temps dipped below zero for nights in a row. It's been tough getting the old brick building back up to the comfort zone! I think this cold has Chris motivated to get things done in the store, to keep moving and warm!!
The shop has been busy and Chris has settled into his new location on Willett. He's already been there over a year, and even still he is endlessly refining his displays and continually adding new merch. Fresh merch as he calls it. He just got a couple of really nice pieces in. And this morning we were discussing it.

One of the new cupboards
Our morning conversation:

I've been pretty lame about the blog, and I wanted to take care of biz. So today I am going to do a blog post about these amazing cupboards you just got in. I was hoping you could give me a little bit more info.

okay. Good idea.

So where did you get these pieces? What is the source of these fine cupboards that you keep telling me about.

You can tell them that Chris has been feverishly ferreting out these cupboards from secret local coveted sources.

me: while laughing:
What? Secret local coveted sources! I was thinking about what town they were from or something like that.

him: with a twinkle in his eye:
You tell them that I have been busy ferreting out my secret local sources and this was what I found, 2 really fine cupboards.
The Brick Red Cupboard

That's the best I could get out of him! So let me explain a little bit...
The white one is a step back cupboard and it's got really cool old style knobs.I love the interesting ratio between the large top section and bottom.  The second cupboard has outstanding wainscoting on the inside that has a nice aged amber patina. It's a brick red color on the outside and has glass windows so you can see this gorgeous interior.

The White Step Back Cupboard

There's something warm and sentimental about an old style cupboard. They just don't make things like this anymore!!!