Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two new cupboards

 It's a cycle that never ends! The winter months keep us all indoors for most of the day and it's been a cold one at the shop this year. The building got some updated electric service and this meant the heat had to go out for a few critical days, when the temps dipped below zero for nights in a row. It's been tough getting the old brick building back up to the comfort zone! I think this cold has Chris motivated to get things done in the store, to keep moving and warm!!
The shop has been busy and Chris has settled into his new location on Willett. He's already been there over a year, and even still he is endlessly refining his displays and continually adding new merch. Fresh merch as he calls it. He just got a couple of really nice pieces in. And this morning we were discussing it.

One of the new cupboards
Our morning conversation:

I've been pretty lame about the blog, and I wanted to take care of biz. So today I am going to do a blog post about these amazing cupboards you just got in. I was hoping you could give me a little bit more info.

okay. Good idea.

So where did you get these pieces? What is the source of these fine cupboards that you keep telling me about.

You can tell them that Chris has been feverishly ferreting out these cupboards from secret local coveted sources.

me: while laughing:
What? Secret local coveted sources! I was thinking about what town they were from or something like that.

him: with a twinkle in his eye:
You tell them that I have been busy ferreting out my secret local sources and this was what I found, 2 really fine cupboards.
The Brick Red Cupboard

That's the best I could get out of him! So let me explain a little bit...
The white one is a step back cupboard and it's got really cool old style knobs.I love the interesting ratio between the large top section and bottom.  The second cupboard has outstanding wainscoting on the inside that has a nice aged amber patina. It's a brick red color on the outside and has glass windows so you can see this gorgeous interior.

The White Step Back Cupboard

There's something warm and sentimental about an old style cupboard. They just don't make things like this anymore!!!