Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Sixth Anniversary to you Fort Plain Antiques

The old store on Main St. 
Today marks the 6th anniversary of the humble business of Fort Plain Antiques.

Chris began collecting and selling odd items a few years before he opened up the shop, while he was still working in Cooperstown. He used to work as a boat mechanic and had reached the top position as manager, but found this job lacking. With some help from his brother John, who was already in the business, he learned the ropes and his own passion for collecting unique items grew stronger. Eventually, he was able to leave his previous employment and strike out on his own. Using group shops and the consignment method, he built up a network of people and slowly the business took flight.
The General Hoardmaster at the Helm in the Main St. Store 

After a brief stint of sharing a store with John and his girl Dori, Chris started his own store and Fort Plain Antiques was born. Located right on the main drag, at the light, it was a fabulous location for the starter fledgling business. People driving by could see what was in the store window, which Chris kept lit at night. John was down the street in his store, and then Tay above, and Lori had another store down the street. The area attracted buyers and sellers and soon Rick started periodic auctions. The stores came and went and eventually Fort Plain Antiques was the last remaining antique shop on the street. 
There was a lot of work to do before Chris could move in.

After a few years in this location, Chris outgrew the space. He's the Hoardmaster General, remember, and he thinks and lives big. Robert invited Chris to take over some space in the Luxuray building. It took a lot of thought to decide what to do. It was risky moving a young business from such a prominent location to a side street.

Soon, the building was transformed into the store we know and love
 But the ambience of the new place and the room for expansion eventually won Chris over and the decision was made. 
Fort Plain Antiques' current location on Willett St.
Although it was a daunting task, he moved the entire entourage of odd and unusual items to the other side of town. 
Overhead view of the new store in it's infancy

So here we are celebrating the 6th year of hard work and dedication that my man Chris went through to get to this point! Congratulations to Fort Plain Antiques for a job well done! May the business continue to grow and become everything you want it to be!
6 years and counting!