Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Horse

We had just arrived at the store early on Sunday morning so we could try to get some cleaning done. It's best to do this type of chore when no one is shopping. I have been working upstairs in what we fondly call "the linen room".
The linen room, before the overhaul
This room is the second floor of the tower and we have chosen this room as the resting place for the myriad of linens and textiles that Chris has for sale. This room has been getting attention every week now for about a month and I have been spending my extra time after work and on weekends to help. Chris was working on a monstrous shelf unit that he is installing on the second floor to hold our vast selection of records and magazines.
It was quiet and peaceful, like it should be on a Sunday morn.
Suddenly there was a sharp crazy knocking at the back door! I put down the dust rag and ran down to open  the door. There outside the door I could see an insane skeletal ghost of a horse! I didn't have a minute to gather my wits! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Again at the back door.
"Chris! Something really creepy is out back! It's like a skeleton or something!"
He came running down from upstairs...looking at me in disbelief. I am a jokester he probably figured I was goofing around. But sure enough there it was, plain as day, a skeleton!
KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK... As much as I was afraid of what would happen, I realized that this persistent soul was coming in, whether we liked it or not! Chris flung open the door and this creature galloped right on in! Happy Halloween!!!!
happy halloween horse