Friday, November 18, 2011

Special Holiday Coupon Deal!!

50% off sticker price of one item under $50!!
Print this out and bring in on your next visit.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Elfen work for the Minion Wife

There's so much to do at the store with the holiday season approaching. I've tried to get a head start by working on some Christmas displays in the 2nd floor of the tower.
pastel tree decked out in pink and purple

It's been fun picking through the boxes of ornaments and vintage holiday goodies. To celebrate the season, we are offering a 30% off Holiday Sale until December 31. 2011. Come on down to the store and find a treasure for that special someone on your list!
wooden boxes...wooden barrels....baskets....above the front door
glass glowing in the front window by the stairs
birch logs frame the Christmas display
Santa hangs out in the red and white kitchen collection
delicate embroidery on vintage linens
There's still much to do and the Elfen Minion Wife is working hard with Hoardmaster Santa to keep putting fresh merch out....just in time for your holiday pleasure!