Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Time Has Come for GREENBUSH SALVAGE!

Yes! The Time Has Indeed Come!
Big changes that have been on the horizon for a year or so have finally come to pass and Fort Plain Antiques along with Greenbush Salvage have news to share.
I have decided to become more involved with the business and Chris and I have now partnered up in order to maintain this crazy sprawling complex that it has become. The network minion is no more! I am officially working full time for Fort Plain Antiques/Greenbush Salvage as a partner. This means you will be hearing much more about what is happening as I ease into my new position and share it all with you.

The Greenbush Salvage opened quietly on September 1, 2012. I was still working at my full time job, and it was very difficult for us to announce regular hours and even harder to schedule them. At this time, we are now able to officially have a grand opening and get it all rolling. For now, until the winter comes, we are going to follow this schedule:
Greenbush Salvage
Tues Wed Sat from 12 - 4

Fort Plain Antiques
Thurs Fri 12 - 6 and Sat 12 - 5
Greenbush Salvage for now is not a heated area. As the cold weather heads in, we will have hours by appointment. But for now, enjoy 3 days where you can shop for "the big stuff" in our new companion adventure.

As of 2013 Greenbush Salvage was merged with Fort Plain Antiques
Our current 2014 hours are:

Fort Plain Antiques
Thurs Fri 12 - 6 
 Sat 12 - 5

FPA Salvage Dept
Thurs Fri by Request
Sat 12 - 4
Also by Chance or Appointment

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Front Sign is Done

The sign dries on top of some graphic vintage crates
The sign for the front entrance to Greenbush Salvage is done. Chris did a fabulous job on the lettering and I like the tough rustic look. It is appropriate in this situation where big heavy objects are involved to use letters that look blocky and rigid. We had considered using some vinyl letters, but we felt that the crisp and perfect letters didn't have the same appeal as hand painted ones do. And so this sign was born.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prepping for Greenbush Salvage

The building that houses Fort Plain Antiques is huge. It has so much extra space that is not being used and the potential is there for another business to make it home. Robert, our gracious landlord, and Chris have hatched a plan to utilize some of this beautiful aging warehouse space. 

The view of the front entrance from the inside. 

Open beams show the original structure
They have decided to use this area to sell large items such as farm machinery, wagons, and architectural salvage including windows, doors, columns and shutters. The space has a set of large original beams running down the center and massive paned windows on the outside walls. In between are large aisles which will perfectly accommodate the bigger merchandise.

Chris surveying the Factory Store sign from Johnstown after hanging it up

Chris has been busy this season, preparing the initial foundation and basic structures needed in order to display household and industrial items such as doors, windows and shutters and making displays to fit the new space.

An old Orchard ladder is displayed above a myriad of vintage shutters
 In the back of the structure, there is space for the Vintage Antique Woods that Robert is offering.

In the back corner is a glimpse of the Vintage Wood that will soon be available on the premises
Future plans include creating a small office in which paperwork and cash register can be housed. In addition, there is a nice garden courtyard in the back of the building which will serve as an area to sell garden and patio items and landscape extras.

Some of the interesting new things to be found at Greenbush Savage

In researching the history of Fort Plain, we found a reference to this part of the town being called "Greenbush". We are most excited to name this new venture "Greenbush Salvage" in honor of this historical region!!
A vintage wagon awaiting a new home
I will be helping in this new venture, bringing you updates as we work towards making Greenbush Salvage a great new place to shop for interesting and unique items for your estate, home or farm.
There is still no exact opening date but the project is in motion. The new space is evolving and soon will be open for business 2 doors down from it's sister store, Fort Plain Antiques!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Soft Vintage Views

Network minion got a chance to take a few pictures of the store this weekend.  I am trying to achieve a soft old world look.

Looking towards the front wall

A micro existence

tin central

Looking towards the front window from the aisle

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Activities

The holidays have ended and now we are full into the winter. It is time for the store to get some extra attention. The General Hoardmaster has been busy cleaning up the aisles and stocking the shelves with a whole bunch of new inventory. It's so tedious, since each box must be evaluated. Some objects need to be  cleaned before they can be put up for sale.  Others are ready to go, and need to find just the right spot on a shelf. It can be downright nervewracking!
Chris has kept at it and accomplished a lot over the past month. The store is prime and ready for you to come and explore. I must admit, the Network Minion has no new pictures to share at the moment, but I couldn't wait to tell you about the new stuff on the shelves!