Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bringing It All Together in 2016

We have been happy to fill this beautiful old warehouse space here that includes the Tower on 55 Willett in Fort Plain. A few years ago, Chris added the Salvage Dept and it has been a huge success.
The idea of reuse and recycling is taking hold in our current environmental and economic climate and our world is better for it. We have been fortunate to be able to offer a wide variety of interesting salvaged items for our customers and love finding unique things for the store.

Our growth has caused us some new and unexpected issues. The most significant problem has been the large distance between the antiques and the salvage areas. It's difficult for Chris to manage the store in this manner - I cannot understand why he can't be in 2 places at once!! *wink wink* - We just had to come up with a solution. I suggested a Hoverboard so that Chris could jet back and forth on the sidewalk …this wasn't favored. A Scooter idea was also rejected. Finally, during the wee hours of morning, while sipping on our coffee and tea, we came to the conclusion that a move was the answer. A MOVE!??? A teensy tiny move, 2 doors down! We decided to move the antiques down to the salvage area.

After consulting with Robert Hancock (our gracious benevolent Landlord) we hatched a floor plan and the idea became a reality.
So much work has gone down by so many people in the past year in order to put this new vision in place and we are finally ready to perform the actual task of moving! It's so exciting…

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